Professional Commercial Decorators In Nottingham

Is your commercial space in need of a change of interior? Perhaps the exterior of your building is looking unprofessional and in need of re-paint. Make sure your property in 2019 looks its best with the help of commercial decorators in Nottingham.


Our professionals at Alan Cox Decorators have spent years working on all sorts of homes and commercial properties. Since our founding we have provided painting, wallpapering, coving and cornice work and much more. No matter your requirements, we’re confident we can fulfil your expectations.

Prior to the completion of the decorating, we can discuss your requirements thoroughly to ensure that your decorating ideas are within budget and practical. We’ll make sure you’re aware of what will need to be done to the property before moving forward with the idea.

No matter how much or little is requested, you can rely on us to complete the tasks successfully with our professional skills as trusted decorators in the East Midlands.

To find out more and make an enquiry, don’t hesitate to do so via our website or contact us directly for further information from a member of our team. We look forward to hearing what ideas you have in store.

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