Domestic Decorating Services in Leicester

Are you looking for domestic decorating services in Leicester to make sure that your home has the desired look you need? Look no further than our talented team here at Alan Cox Decorators.


We cover a wide selection of decorating services to ensure that domestic properties get the full treatment from a decorating company. Whether you are looking for someone to change the interior or exterior of your home, we can cover a range of painting, wallpaper hanging, cornice work and more.


Our experienced team have been working hard on decorating homes for over 30 years. During this time we have covered decorating for a range of different domestic properties and continue to keep up the high-standards of our services; ensuring safety standards are met along the way.


In addition to domestic, we also cover estate agent properties, care home buildings and more as a way of helping out those who need their let or other type of owned property updated with a refreshing new look.


So don’t hesitate to choose Alan Cox Decorators today and book your free consultation with our team.


To find out more about how we can decorate your home, you can give us a call on 001530 249799.

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